Placing social value at the
centre of real estate SOLUTIONS

Human City helps clients take a successful, sustainable and socially
responsible approach to property ownership and management.

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Recent disruption shows how crucial it is to own property assets that bring tangible, measurable and lasting benefits to South Africa’s historically marginalised groups.

Today more than ever, owners of real estate assets need to mitigate social risk and demonstrate sustained value – for shareholders and for society itself.

But social value isn’t a neat, fixed metric. It’s tough to pin down, and hard to quantify. That’s where we come in.

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We’re here to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). Specialising in the 'S', we reveal the positive value that your company can create for communities. Our process covers:


Analyse the social issues: Discover your stakeholder groups and clarify local and user needs and gaps


Set outcomes and targets: Define the wider social purpose of your real estate in the context of business priorities


Reimagine places and experiences: Develop a place-based strategy that will unlock future value and impact

By partnering with us, pioneers like you can turn today’s challenges into tomorrow's opportunities and deliver social and financial returns in the built environment.

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Human City draws on a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of areas, from sustainable development and real estate economics to spatial design and impact.

Dr. Gemma John

Dr Gemma John has a deep understanding of both the changing ways in which people live and work in urban environments and the strategic opportunities that lie at the intersection of socio-economic development and climate action. She has considerable experience advising in the commercial and residential sectors, and has helped public and private sector organisations deliver clear and measurable improvements in underserved areas.

This breadth and depth of expertise makes Human City ideally qualified to help you achieve significant commercial and social benefits through real estate innovation.


Here’s our latest work and insights. Have a look and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear how you apply our approach to your context.

Together, we can solve complex social and financial problems to create lasting value – for everyone.

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Establish strategic priorities:
African climate foundation

Using stakeholder mapping to strengthen relationships and shape a common agenda for actors working at the climate-development nexus

Design inclusive places and experiences:
Alterx Asset Management

Transforming a shopping centre into a thriving community asset, supporting small businesses, growing the local economy and building a stronger society

Capture new investment opportunities:
Metope Investment Management

Developing an impact framework for a firm seeking to launch a real estate impact fund, improving access to affordable housing, quality healthcare and education